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Claire Knight

My name is Claire Knight and I support people weight management using the one to one diet plan. 

As a mother of three young children, following a traumatic 10 years consisting of surgery and rounds of IVF which ultimately failed... I then to my own amazement gave birth to three children which included a set of twins within a period of 16 months.  As you can imagine the shock of this at the age of 37, was something I hadn't really accounted for.  As new parents and dealing with in effect triplets.. I lost myself and became a mum to Freyja, Amelia and Harrison, basically eating all their leftovers, no time to even get a shower never mind cook a 3 course meal ensuring I got my 5 a day, I was lucky if I got 5 minutes to make a cup of tea.  

Three years later as they hit the tantrum stage , as a family we experienced the trauma and shock when my husband had a heart attack at 41 years of age.  Thankfully we were lucky however, this life changing experience led me to re-evaluate my life and I decided to loose the weight and start to make the changes, to ensure I was as healthy as possible. 


On the one to one plan supported by my consultant I started to loose the weight in a relatively short period of time.  I have currently lost 2 stone and as a company I am now able to offer the plan with the one to one support you will need to make your weight loss journey successful.

As a nurse led company our aim is to provide you with the professional support you need.  I offer online live face to face weigh ins, or via telephone, meaning you do not have to even leave your home to get the support you need, this service is offered both locally and nationally.

Alternatively if you prefer face to face visits this is also available if you are within travelling distance of Rotherham, South Yorkshire.  I will ensure that your individual needs are central to the service I provide. 

I look forward to meeting you.


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    If you would like to contact us regarding the your weight loss journey or services we offer, or if you feel I may be able to use my expertise to help you with another issue, please feel free to contact me via the form below, I aim to respond within 24 hours.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Turner Lane
    South Yorkshire

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