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My name is Claire Knight and I am the owner of the diet clinic based in Rotherham.  I pride myself in ensuring that I provide an exceptional quality service with exacting standards, to the general public.  The 1-1 Diet by Cambridge is now being offered as part of our portfolio of support to the general public. We recognise the impact, weight management can have on the mental health and wellbeing of individuals. The programme is suitable for for all including diabetics and we have vegetarian or Halal options available. What ever your motivation, long or short term goals, I can tailor this programme to your individual requirements. Call me today for a free informal one to one chat."

I look forward to meeting you.

Claire  x

My Story

I am a mum of three children, twins aged 9 and a 10 year old, prior to having the children weight management was not an issue.  I was in a job where I spent most of my day walking around.  After having my children aged 37, I found it difficult to lose my baby weight, this was further compounded as 4 years later my life changed, when my husband unexpectedly had a heart attack aged 41.  This made me re-evaluate my whole life including my work-life balance and led to me leaving my full time role and taking a job where I could work from home part time, ensuring that I got to spend quality time with my family making memories, as realised the importance of this. 

This change then led to me spending a lot of time in the home, in  a very sedentary role, picking at food, eating left over's from the children and missing meals, steadily my weight continued to increase, especially over the past two years being in lockdown. 

I then met up with a friend who came to visit me, she had done the 1:1 Diet plan and looked amazing.. I decided enough was enough and decided to hit the reset button and get the weight off, as I knew that I was beginning to avoid situations such as photos or swimming with the children whilst on holiday, as the last thing I wanted to do was to climb in to a costume, ultimately affecting my children's memories.

I started on the 1:1 diet plan and I have not looked back, I have currently lost 30 inches off my body, the products are great, its easy to follow as I am not a good cook anyway I'm always on the go with work so it fits with my lifestyle and I am now getting all the nutrients I need, so feeling better and sleeping better, and the pounds keep coming off, I have tried other diets which did not work for me, this one does! I now want to help others reach their goals, be it a few pounds for a holiday or extreme weight loss for surgery or to improve your health, we can do it together.... 

Call me today for a free informal chat, it's the small steps that matter and I will be there for every step.. x


Take the first step towards a new you today and regain control of your life with my support and guidance we can do this together ...

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